Why Choose Centers for Healing Scranton?

There are hundreds of dentists who would be happy to take your dental well-being into their hands, so why should you choose Centers for Healing Scranton? Here are the reasons. (rev 06/19)

We don’t like the drill anymore than you do. While some dentists seem to grab their drill before you even have a bib on, we do our best to keep your mouth a “no-drilling zone.” We always provide safe, natural alternatives before using a drill as a last resort.

Our Office Won’t Make You Sick. Even if you don’t have any amalgam (silver) fillings in your teeth, your dentist probably deals with them on a regular basis, which means that every time you sit down in a dental chair, you are inhaling dangerous mercury fumes. At Centers for Healing Scranton, we adhere to a strict Patient Protocol that ensures you won’t inhale the mercury fumes that can cause serious illness.

Full-Body Wellness, We consider your full-body wellness every time we recommend a treatment. Proper dental care can add as many as 10 years to your life… that’s proper dental care. That’s why we always consider how any treatment will affect your entire wellness when we present treatment options. Most dentists just “fix the problem.” At Centers for Healing Scranton, we “treat the symptom.”

Your Body is Natural, Your Doctor Should be Natural. Don’t get us wrong, we believe in science-based medical and dental practices (Dr. Grube is a fully-licensed dentist). But your body is a natural entity. If there is a scientifically proven natural remedy for your symptoms, we believe that should always be your first option. That’s why we will always present you with natural, holistic options as well as traditional dental options. It’s your mouth, your treatment is ultimately your choice. We will present the options so you can make an educated decision of your health.

Holistic Treatment is Time-Tested and Proven. For centuries holistic practices have been used for all sorts of medical and dental symptoms. In the Western World, science-based medicine has become the dominant player for decades, but the tide is again turning to holistic approaches. Dr. Grube understands that not all problems can be solved with Oil of Oregano and bamboo, which is why Centers for Healing Scranton has implemented a healthy blend of traditional holistic approaches with western science, ensuring you always get the best possible treatments for your symptoms.

It’s Stress-Free. Why should a trip to the dentist keep you up at night worrying? We want you to feel comfortable with our office, our staff, and our practices, which is why we’ve created a “dental spa” that makes your dental trips as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Cutting Edge Technology. At Centers for Healing Scranton we have cutting-edge technology to ensure safe, effective, pain-free dentist visits. We have the latest equipment for diagnostics and a host of other high-end, top-quality tools to provide the best treatment possible. You won’t see outdated equipment or outdated techniques… you will ALWAYS get the best of the best.

Experience and credentials you can trust. Dr. Grube’s fascination with the practice of natural dentistry is firmly intertwined with her credentials as a professional dentist. Dr. Grube is active in numerous leading-edge holistic and biologic dental associations.

We don’t pontificate. We innovate! While others may talk the talk, we actually walk the walk. Dr. Grube has spent years of her life exploring the links between gum disease and systemic disease and, consequently, developed natural solutions to the real demands of oral hygiene and dental health.