Dr. Blanche Grube first met Dr. Hal Huggins in the early 90’s when he began to mentor her on biological dentistry and the many facets of integrative medicine (e.g., blood chemistry, nutrition, and the importance of supplements). In 2013, Dr. Grube began collaborating with Dr. Huggins in an effort to expand upon and carry on his work.

Like her mentor, Dr. Blanche is dedicated to teaching dentists how to accomplish the Full Dental Revision following the Huggins-Grube Protocol all over the world. Patients wanting to improve the status of their health, get one and only one chance to remove toxic materials from their mouth properly, which is why the Huggins-Grube Protocol is constantly evolving.

The Huggins-Grube Protocol is an integrated system that incorporates multiple safety factors to enhance immune recovery. The Huggins-Grube Protocol is devoted to providing not only education, but also alternatives to dental materials and procedures that may be connected to a variety of health issues.

It has indeed been proven that many of our chronic health problems have been caused by damage from dental fillings (mercury-based fillings), root canals, and many common dental procedures, but also diet and environmental toxins play a part in overall health. The damage from these toxins may accumulate in our body and cause a negative impact on our health and well-being. Dr. Blanche believes that all health care professionals must remember to, “First do no harm.”
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