Biocompatibility Testing done by BioComp Laboratories, Inc. in Colorado, determines what dental replacement materials will be the least reactive to the patient. BioComp’s objective is to measure immune system response on an individual basis using our sophisticated blood serum procedure. The end result is the Biocompatibility test – a comprehensive report which simply states whether the dental materials are highly reactive, moderately reactive, or least reactive. This information allows the individual to learn about and avoid dental toxicity by using the least amount of reactive materials possible.

Reactivity is the amount of change occurring within the immune system when it is subjected to a foreign substance. All foreign substances introduced to the body will elicit a response from the immune system, including dental materials.

The only material that is perfectly compatible with your immune system is your own tooth. However, there are other materials that we use that are appropriate for the individual patient. We can determine what materials would be best for you by a blood sample that you provide.
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