September 17, 2019

Heart Rate Variability Testing Training

Please join us Friday, October 5th at the Holiday Inn Express (Dickson City, PA) for this exciting day of FREE training! Dr. Blanche Grube has teamed […]
September 4, 2019

Trinity Health Freedom Expo – October 26-27, 2019

Dr. Blanche and her team are looking forward this fantastic health expo where they will glean insight and gather information which benefits their patients – all […]
September 2, 2019

Centers for Healing Welcomes New Massage Therapist

Centers of Healing, along with Dr. Blanche Grube and Staff, welcomes Liz Powell, LMT to our Scranton location! Liz is a licensed massage therapist specializing in therapies such as […]
September 1, 2019

Study Reveals Environmental Impact of Dental Amalgam

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, dental amalgam represents over 20% of the global mercury used in products. The Minamata Convention on Mercury is now […]
September 1, 2019

Mercury Contamination from Dental Amalgam

Mercury in dental amalgam is a hidden source of global mercury pollution, resulting from the illegal diversion of dental mercury into the artisanal and small-scale gold […]
August 2, 2019

Titanium Exposure and Human Health

Dr. Blanche Grube, et al, recently published a paper in Oral Science International wherein they discuss impacts of titanium on human health. Abstract Historically, titanium (Ti) […]
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