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Patient Testimonials

  • S.P.
    The best dental experience ever. Tremendous professionalism and caring! Top notch service by truly caring individuals.
  • L.B.
    My husband and I had our first consultations with Dr. Duteau recently. This was by far the most informative and personalized doctor/dentist visit either one of us have ever experienced. Every step of the exam and conversation was thorough and each member of the staff took their time with us. We especially appreciate that every aspect of our health is being considered while deciding on a plan for our dental care. More medical professionals should operate in this fashion. We feel very fortunate to have found a doctor and facility which suit our needs so perfectly.
  • H.H.
    Will never go anywhere else. Amazing office and staff. Very knowledgeable. Thank you!!
  • B.H.
    As usual, Shelly does a through cleaning. She is very professional and makes a comfortable environment for the patient.
  • Jan
    Thank You For The Work You Did It will be one year in May. I can say I am doing so much better than prior to removal. I am beginning to have more energy and sleep less. My sleep requirements are half of what they use to be. I was always tired all the time before, and needed naps and felt groggy. Now, I rarely need a nap, and find myself waking up early. I also sleep better at night and am not plagued with insomnia or nightmares anymore. I use to have terribly vivid dreams and usually scary ones. I don’t now, which is a wonderful relief. I have also noted that my teeth grinding is gone!! I don’t clench or grind like I used to. It seems that the mercury vapors cause some sort of tightness in facial muscles. I have also noticed that my shoe size has decreased a full size to the original size of my teen years. Same with my fingers, my rings fit now. I am guessing that fluid retention was the culprit. I no longer have “broken neck” in the morning, those terribly painful, sore and stiff cramped up neck and shoulder muscles. My hair no longer falls out in clumps. I regained better motor control of my hands and legs, my reflexes have returned. So I am not dropping everything anymore. While I am not “brand new” I am 100 times better than I ever expected to be. I have more healing and hormone imbalances to deal with, but in essence….Living is something new I am enjoying!! I again, thank you for the work you did and the help you gave me!!
  • MaryBeth
    I Have No Doubt That I Made the Right Choice. Thank you so very much for providing this service of removing amalgams the proper way! Being mercury free has had such a positive impact on my life. I now have so much energy on so many days. My thinking and my speaking are so much clearer. I look forward to each new day and the adventures it brings as opposed to just trying to get through each day. Thank you both for making this entire experience as comfortable as possible. Becky your cheerfulness and friendliness helped relax me (even though I didn’t always seem relaxed). Dr. Blanche, your expertise and gentle ways gave me the confidence and comfort level I needed to decide to take this big step in my life. Now I have no doubt that I made the right choice. I feel so much better and better than I ever thought I could feel. If any future patients would need to talk with someone who’s gone through it, have them call me. They’ll be amazed by all the fantastic, fabulous, wonderful things I have to say!
  • David
    Amazing Increase in Energy. Ona and I are both doing great! I am writing because I wanted to thank you for all you did for me! Having my HG (mercury) out has made a tremendous improvement in my life. My energy is greater, my concentration and focus are better, and my thinking, I think, is clearer. I look and feel a lot younger (I’m only 58). Ona will tell you that I seem to be my old self, the way I was 25 years ago. I have lots of energy again, and any depression symptoms I had have vanished. Your patients should know that having HG out will make a tremendous improvement in them and that multiple extractions and lots and lots of amalgam removal will be really easy for them. I’m a great example: I had 9 extractions and 11 amalgams removed (from the remaining teeth) in 2 days. I didn’t miss any work. I did sleep a lot on the day after the work was done. The best part for me: I have no recollection of being worked on. And my mouth feels clean and healthy. I don’t know how much of my improvement is from removing and detoxing the mercury and how much of it is attributed to radical diet changes I made afterwards as a result of my HG removal. Actually the two go together. As I started to detox the mercury and saw signs of improvement in my body and attitude, I got really interested in detoxing everything else. I went on a 7-day juice fast in February, and now I’ve been eating 99.5% raw for 6 months. I lost about 30 pounds (I started at a high of 168 in November). I’m wearing the same size pants I wore in high school. This is a big change relative to my total weight because I’m short and was never that heavy in the first place. I am really healthy at this point. I feel great. My novel is coming out in a few months. My work is really productive and much easier. I’ve found time to do things I want to do: walk, mediate, exercise, etc. I think the first important step for me, and this will probably work for anybody, was removing the HG. That’s a great beginning step. After that the changes in diet, exercise, mental attitude, self-esteem and the like seem just to follow by putting one foot in front of the other. I’m sure you get lots of reports like this. I think the most important part to me has been the amazing increase in energy that comes from detoxing the HG.Thanks so much for what you did for me.
  • Rosemary
    I Appreciate Your Wonderful and Caring Staff. This is an overdue thank you and tribute to the dental care you gave me this fall. You removed a LOT of mercury from my mouth and patiently kept working on my mouth 7-8 hours. At the time of my mercury removal I had no big expectations for improved health. At the urging of my husband, I was willing to try and see if it made a difference in my fatigue. I had my fillings removed in late September and by November I began to feel remarkably better. Most days I do not need a nap after years of needing one daily. I have been able to do projects at home that have gone undone for years. I have much more energy than I have had in a long time. I needed teeth pulled in the process and you made a partial denture plate for me. The partial fits perfectly and I wear it all day everyday. I also appreciate your wonderful and caring staff. I would be most interested to share my success with any interested patients.
  • Wendy
    I Feel Absolutely, Positively, 100% Great!!! I wanted to write and personally thank you for all that you did for my health last summer. I have absolutely no regrets having 9 teeth removed as well as the two amalgam fillings replaced with composite/compatible materials. I feel absolutely, positively, 100% great….!!!! Never better. I am running 3 miles every day. No longer taking Synthroid for my thyroid condition and sleeping soundly. My kids are happy to hear their mother laugh incessantly and have a new lease on life. I’m in a wonderfully committed relationship and love waking up every day to a brand new day. ….Thanks for all the dedication to my health and a big thank you to your wonderful staff.
  • Les
    Tremendous Improvement! I have made tremendous improvement in a number of areas since having the mercury removed from my mouth. I am so happy that I finally figured out what the problem was and had it taken care of. Thank you so for all your help in this process. The improvements noted on the survey form may appear dramatic, but they are completely true and not exaggerated. My life has improved dramatically since the removal of the mercury from my mouth.

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