Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the questions we get asked most.

1What is Centers for Healing?
Centers for Healing Scranton, owned and operated by Dr. Blanche Grube, DMD, is the central office of the Centers for Healing network of associated centers.
2What is the vision and mission for the Centers for Healing network?
The vision and mission of the Centers for Healing network is to provide teams of diverse yet cooperative healthcare professionals, each of whose members works conjointly with all the others toward achieving the optimal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of its patients.
3What is integrative medicine?
Integrative medicine is a patient-centered, multidisciplinary approach to healthcare that blends both conventional and alternative modalities.
4What is biological dentistry?
Biological dentistry is a way of practicing dental medicine that considers a patient’s integral health and welfare as superior to the health of any single tooth. For this reason, it is referred to as holistic, or “whole body,” dentistry.
5Why is team effort so important in helping patients attain optimal health and wellness?
Because the responsibility of providing adequate preventative wellness and health care is too great for any single individual.
6Who is Dr. Blanch Grube?
Dr. Blanche D. Grube is a biological dentist and doctor of Integrative Medicine, specializing in safe dental revision according to the Huggins-Grube Protocol.
7What is Dr. Grube's professional and educational background?
A graduate of Queens College, C.U.N.Y, Blanche Grube received her doctorate from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 1982 (now Rutgers University). She holds a second doctorate in Integrative Medicine from Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C. She also received training in conscious sedation at Albert Einstein Hospital, New York and at St. Joseph’s Hospital, New Jersey. To this, she has added extensive training in homeopathy, nutrition, iridology, colon hydrotherapy, neural therapy and acupuncture. A Board Certified Biological Dentist, Dr. Grube holds a Mastership from the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM), which she also served as President. She also holds Fellowships from the IAOMT, The Institute of Natural Dentistry, and the Dental Association of Conscious Sedation. A biological dentist and successful businesswoman, she is owner of Centers for Healing-Scranton, Biocomp Laboratories, DNA Connexions, and Huggins Applied Healing. Dr. Grube is passionate about biological dentistry, and she expresses that passion by teaching, both in the United States and internationally.
8From where do your patients come?
Our patients come from all all over the world, though principally from the United States and Canada.
9Do you accept insurance?
No, we do not accept insurance. Regardless of your insurance situation, we require payment in advance for all services.
10Are payment plans available?
Yes, we accept Care Credit. Speak with a Centers for Healing employee for more details.
11When is payment due for services rendered?
Payment is due at the time service is rendered, unless other arrangements have been made in advance. We deliver the finest care at the most reasonable cost to our patients. If you have questions regarding your account, please contact us at 570-309-6198. Many times, a simple telephone call will clear any misunderstandings. Please remember that you are fully responsible for all fees charged by this office, regardless of your insurance coverage.
12Does Centers for Healing use metals?
Some of our instruments are metal. However, we use no metal in our actual restoration materials. In fact, we can place metal-free (and BPA-free) composite fillings, metal-free crowns, metal-free bridges, and metal-free partial and full dentures. Onlays and inlays are also free of any metals.
13What if I already have metal in my mouth?
If you already have metal fillings or other metal restorations, we can safely remove the metals and replace them with metal-free, biocompatible materials on an as-needed basis. Not all mercury filling removals are the same, and it can be a very dangerous procedure. We take extra precautions to keep you safe during the procedure. In fact, we’ve even developed a special patient protection protocol for mercury filling removal and overall dental revision.
14Who performs the dental work?
The dental work is performed by a dentist (either Dr. Blanche herself or her associate, Dr. Huguette), supported by one or more dental assistants. Teeth cleanings are performed by our hygienist.
15Are you more expensive than a conventional dentist?
We consider our prices to be commensurate with the quality and level of service you receive, and most of our patients are in agreement. While some of our services are more expensive than discount dental practices, we have also found that other services are less expensive. If you are shopping for your healthcare based on price, then we may not be the provider for you. Remember, just like in everything, you get what you pay for in dentistry. If you want cheap dental services, you can find them. On the other hand, if you want high quality work and top-notch services that get to the root of your problems – while also preventing much expensive future work – then you’ve come to the right place.
16Can you fix my health problems?
We focus on getting to the root cause of your dental problems, first and foremost. During your first visit, we will conduct a thorough examination and begin to draw up a treatment plan based on what we discover. We don’t try to hide or “mask” pain. Instead, we try to fix the problem that is causing the pain. For instance, if a wisdom tooth hurts and you were told you need a root canal, we try to find out why that tooth hurts. Is it because of deep decay or is it because of the way you bite? A root canal will certainly eliminate the pain, but it may be unnecessary and may just be masking the root cause. The bottom line is this: we do everything we can to accurately diagnose and propose a treatment plan that will get you back on the path to complete oral wellness. All that having been said, it is important to remember that health is not always so much about being free of sickness as it is about being free of debilitating symptoms.

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