Mercury Removal Services

What We Do Best: The Safest Mercury Removal Services using The Huggins-Grube Protocol. An integrated system that incorporates multiple safety factors to enhance immune recovery. Blanche Grube Protocol is devoted to providing education and alternatives to dental materials and practices that may be connected to a variety of health issues.

Safe Mercury Removal Is Your Dentist Trying To Kill You? Most people don’t love visiting the dentist. In fact, many people avoid the dentist at all costs. But could there actually be medical reasons to stay away from your dentist’s office and out of that chair? According to the FDA, the answer is YES! MERCURY AND YOUR MOUTH We’ve all read the seafood warnings:”The FDA recommends that women who are pregnant…limit consumption of certain seafood due to the risk of high mercury levels.” So we know that mercury is toxic and we shouldn’t eat it. But what about mercury that’s already in your mouth… permanently?

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Well, to put it simply, it's a step-by-step process in which toxic elements – such as mercury fillings, root canals, and titanium implants – are removed from a patient’s mouth and replaced by materials that have been tested for optimal bio-compatibility with that specific person. This entails a careful review of an individual patient’s critical biomarkers, as seen especially in the analysis of blood and hair.


Thus, a specially trained dentist is able to determine which potential restorative materials will be most compatible with an individual patient’s particular biology, in order to upset as little as possible the body’s delicate balance.

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What is CEREC? Why Does It Matter?At our holistic dental practice in Scranton, Pa, we use the latest and most technologically advanced equipment. Part of our advanced “tool set” is Sirona’s new CEREC AC unit (as well as the new milling unit). While that may just sound like a fancy way to increase prices, it’s actually much more.

So what is CEREC? How can CEREC help you, the patient? Why should you choose a CEREC doctor? I’ll try to answer those questions and more, below. WHAT IS CEREC? CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction and is a sophisticated system of designing and making high quality, metal-free dental restorations in one patient visit. Developed by Sirona, CEREC utilizes 3D photography and CAD/CAM technology to assist a dentist in designing a virtual restoration (onlay, inlay, crown, or bridge) without taking impressions and, when combined with a milling unit, is able to build the actual restoration while you are still in the chair.

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Non-Surgical Gum Therapy Program

A Remarkable Non-Surgical Gum Therapy Program: Without cutting up your gums," we can predictably get rid of bleeding and receding gums while controlling the damage periodontal disease does to your mouth and body. Gum disease is not a laughing matter. 90% of the population is walking around with it without a plan to get rid of it. Bacteria find a home in your gums and leave a mark not only in your mouth, but in your body.

Our gum therapy is one of the most thorough and effective programs out there. It is all-natural and doesn't include antibiotics or taking pharmaceutical drugs. If you have a problem with gum disease or if you're not sure, take a simple test. Floss all of your teeth BELOW the gumline. If you have one spot that bleeds, then you DO have gum disease.

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Provide A Comprehensive Healthy Dental Health Plan

Would you build a house without a plan? Would that plan be a written on a bar napkin in pencil? Absolutely not. Your building plan would include architecture, engineering, HVAC, electrical, framing, plumbing etc. You know what we mean.Dr. Blanche Grube Clinic does the same meticulous planning when it comes to your oral health. It takes a little bit more time but it is important to know… just like if you were building your home.

When we are finished with our plan, you will leave knowing everything about your teeth, gums, smiles and how it relates to the rest of the body. This thorough plan includes a detailed overview of your existing oral condition, an interpretation of your x-rays and photographs, a disease prevention plan, a healthy oral detoxification plan, and a home care plan. Yes… it seems comprehensive and it is.

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Bio-compatibility Testing

Sometimes it's better to know now rather than later. Using the Biocomp Compatibility Test, we are able to eliminate potential hazards from the start. You may know that you are sensitive to most anything and everything. So before we just dive in and drill away the problems, allow us to do a simple test to see if the dental materials we use, such as composite, cements, ceramics, or anesthetic causes any problems before we start.

Material Reactivity Testing: It would be good to know if you are allergic to something before something major is done, right? Well… why do a lot of dentists start putting things in your mouth that you can be allergic to? Why don’t we, the patient, ever ask? Why don’t the dentists every talk about it? I know I’m asking a lot of questions without giving answers. The short answer is, most dentists don’t know about it or they are too busy to give you options or they don’t know other options.

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Bite Balancing Services

How important is your bite? What if it affected your eating, your headaches, your sleep, your expensive dental work, your nutrition, your energy, or your whole body? No matter how you look at it, the way your teeth come together influences many aspects of your physical body AND your social life. Many patients have been relieved of pain and other symptoms simply by correcting one’s bite.

When your teeth come together, your body will either like it or hate it. Unfortunately, if your teeth are not positioned correctly where your body likes them, then you will get unwanted systems or your body will adapt (and adaption is BAD!). When we balance your bite, we aim for a harmonious biting system with minimal stress on the teeth, jaw and the body as a whole.

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Oral Metal Detoxification

Is it safe to have metals in your mouth? For most people, the answer is, presumably, yes. The reason why is because metal has been placed in people’s mouth for decades and people for the most part haven’t seen any “significant” symptoms that are directly related specifically to metals. But does history mean that we should continue this trend?

We went from using asbestos in our house insulation, lead in our paint, and cocaine in our soda, to making drastic changes AFTER we find out how harmful these materials are in our body. Now we can say the same about the metals in our mouth. How does metals in our mouth cause health problems?

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Our Guarantee

We can’t guarantee our dentistry surviving the disastrous environment which we call your mouth. There’s too many liquids, too many forces, too much going on to guarantee something that is good for your body but also functional with your bite. If we did, then people would fly in far and near to have it.

What we can do is guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience when you come visit us and you will receive quality unrushed healthy dentistry. If you are not satisfied, then we’ll do everything to make things right. We guarantee it. You will leave our office knowing full well what’s going on inside your mouth or you don’t pay a cent – guaranteed.

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