Orlando, FL March 11-12, 2016

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    • 11-12
    • 2016
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    • Orlando, Fl

Nearly 40 years ago, Dr. Huggins found that removing amalgams and/or root canal teeth without following the proper Protocol could cause the onset of autoimmune diseases that were not there previously. During these years he developed the Protocol that potentially gives far more benefit than risk.

For years, Dr. Huggins referred to dentists who had attended some of his seminars. But as time went on, many people called him back to complain that they were worse off than prior to having their amalgams removed. Investigation determined that many of these dentists were leaving out the majority of the Protocol recommended by Dr. Huggins and many were placing root canals. Root canals are worse at creating degenerative and autoimmune diseases than mercury from amalgam. Dr. Huggins felt that he was directing people from the frying pan into the inferno of autoimmune disease so he stopped referring.

To meet the public's increasing demands for "safe" dentistry, Dr. Huggins started a Multi-Discipline Alliance of professionals and therapists who will "first do no harm". There are also three programs available to you; the Huggins Recovery Program, the Abbreviated Program and the Full Program. Click Here for Registration information

Dr. Grube’s mission for you to achieve your best physical, dental and emotional health as safely as possible and in as short a time as possible. We trainin dentists according to the Huggins-Grube Protocol. Click Here for Registration information

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